• Giannis Tolios

    Giannis Tolios

    A data scientist who is interested in science, politics and learning random stuff. Follow me at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/giannis-tolios/

  • Shelly Walther

    Shelly Walther

  • Reemcgowan


  • Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor

  • Denise Stephens

    Denise Stephens

    I’m a New Zealand based travel writer who likes writing about New Zealand, Japan, culture, history, and solo travel.

  • Derya Gumustel

    Derya Gumustel

    Oceanographer turned data scientist, doing my part in science communication.

  • Duncan Wang

    Duncan Wang

    Master of Management in Analytics candidate at McGill University. Sci-tech enthusiast and data scientist in the making.

  • im lucky girl

    im lucky girl

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